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Summary: Printer friendly reference resources for guitar teachers - Blues materials.

Blues Basics

Printer Friendly Resources for Guitar Teachers

Diagrams and charts for playing the blues scales, R&B style blues, slow minor blues and texas style blues. Tips on transposing and playing shuffle patterns. Also a generic blues exercise in 6 verses ideal for beginners on guitar, wanting to develop improvising, phrasing, positioning and timing skills. Also, playing up the neck and blues lick formation.

Blues basics index

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 Blues scales in five positions (Sound)
 Diagonal blues scale runs
 Basic shuffle patterns (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 1 (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 2 (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 3 (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 4 (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 5 (Sound)
 Texas blues Verse 6 (Sound)
 C7 blues (Sound)
 Blues chord treatments (Sound)
 20-bar R&B style blues (Sound)
 Slow Minor blues (Sound)

Step-by-step instructions on how to make best use of the materials on this site are detailed in the ebook Fifty Flexible Lesson Plans for teaching guitar.


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