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Teaching Skills  
Advice, ideas and teaching materials for guitarists who have recently started teaching guitar.

Advice for New Tutors

Articles from experienced guitar teacher Nick Minnion for new guitar tutors and people thinking of becoming private guitar teachers
[Taking the plunge] [Flexible lesson planning] [Little and often] [The encouragement factor]

Reference materials

Simple ideas for beginner and intermediate guitarists to aid with remembering the basics of guitar theory.
[Open string note names] [First chords] [Open chords] [First position blues scale in E] [Names of notes on fretboard] [Treble and bass clefs]

Beginners exercises

Strumming patterns and fun fingering exercise for beginner and intermediate guitarists.
[Single string boogie] [Some basic strumming patterns]

Teaching songs

Recommended songs for all stages of learning the guitar.
[Teaching song list]

Snippets of Guitar Music Theory

Bite-sized articles cover a number of points about music theory.
[Snippets of Guitar Music Theory List] [First Snippet]

Teaching skills series

Articles on pacing guitar lessons, motivating students and building student's confidence.
[Space to learn] [The virtuous circle of confidence building] [The tutor as learning facilitator] [The wrong-handed guitar player ] [How to impress your students]

Exercises for physical development

Exercises will help beginner guitarists play the guitar faster, improve their finger strength especially their little finger work.
[Speed-developer exercise] [Space Invaders] [Finger separation exercise]

Blues basics

Diagrams, charts and sound samples for teaching a variety of blues styles.
[Blues scales in five positions] [Diagonal blues scale runs] [Basic shuffle patterns] [Texas blues Verse 1] [Texas blues Verse 2] [Texas blues Verse 3] [Texas blues Verse 4] [Texas blues Verse 5] [Texas blues Verse 6] [C7 blues] [Blues chord treatments] [20-bar R&B style blues] [Slow Minor blues]

Guitar Teaching Tips

Bite-sized chunks of wisdom that you can use to sharpen your teaching skills and increase your awareness.
[Teaching Tips List] [First Tip]

Still to come

TeachGuitar.com is preparing articles for new guitar tutors coving the topics: developing a syllabus, examinations for guitar players, playing in a band, site reading, music theory, developing teaching materials, teaching older students, teaching younger students, before you start, organising, marketing, payment issues, sales, accounting, self development and business troubleshooting.

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