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Summary: A short biography of the founder of TeachGuitar.com

NICK MINNION: a short biography

Nick Minnion was born in 1957 in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Having begun to teach himself to play guitar at the age of 8 Nick started teaching a group of beginners at his local primary school whilst still only 15 years old.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s Nick worked in a wide variety of jobs chiefly connected with teaching and training and also travelled around Europe as a working musician. Playing guitar in a number of now-forgotten rock and blues bands.

Music has always played a central role in Nick's life, but he also has a passion for aviation. In the mid 80s Nick teamed up with aircraft designer Ian Grayland to form the now legendary microlight aircraft manufacturing company Aerial Arts Ltd. Aerial Arts produced the popular Clubman intermediate hanglider and the World Championship winning Chaser S flexwing microlight. Many of these aircraft are still flying today. Over a period of five years Nick built up a world wide marketing network responsible for the sales of over 1000 aircraft to countries all over the world.

Retiring from the aviation industry in 1990, after a brief spell of doing a real job, Nick went back to being a full-time musician in 1993.

Although performing regularly, his forte for teaching guitar began to dominate Nick's working life and by 1995 his popularity as a teacher lead to the expansion of his teaching activities and the establishment of a guitar teaching studios in central Brighton. Working from a single basement unit to start with, the studios, known as 'Nick's Music Studios' soon expanded to take up the surrounding office space. Nick began to hire and train other tutors to share the teaching work.

By 1998 the Studios' services had expanded to include tuition on other instruments: Drums, Keyboards, Bass guitar and Singing.

Nick's Music Studios expanded to a three-storey building in Hove comprising 8 separate teaching and rehearsal studios. Here approximately 200 students enjoyed music lessons taught by around 20 tutors specially recruited and trained by Nick.

Then in 2002 Nick left the studios to a management team and moved on to launch the teachguitar.com website and write three ebooks designed to help people all over the world break away from their day-jobs and become guitar teachers.

Since then several thousand copies of Nick's ebooks have been sold from the TeachGuitar.com site and hundreds of people have emailed in to say how much these little books have changed their lives!

Meanwhile Nick has moved on to launch the Rock Schools UK Ltd. - a scheme to help young musicians get together in bands and perform live on stage at regular events.

He has also launched ImproviseGuitar.com - a site designed to help guitarists teach themselves to improvise.

Nick continues to teach guitar, bass and banjo, as well as acting as a mentor for new guitar teachers from his home-based studios in Hove.

Nick can be reached by email on nick@TeachGuitar.com

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